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 NCG brings to you a fixed, gas operated barrel for the 1911. The barrel fits the 1911 without any modification to the frame. This system provides numerous advantages to both competitive and recreational shooters, dramatically improving the accuracy and speed of the shooter.

   NCG's direct blowback Gas Dampened, Fixed Barrel Conversion for the 1911 has been described as one of the most significant design changes in the 1911 since it's inception. The Gas barrel is unlike any other gas system on the market today. The Gas Barrel will provide faster target recovery, approximately 60% less Muzzle flip, and the ability to shoot high pressure rounds. For testing we recommend Metal shooting targets from ST7

   Utilizing link less gas retarded blow-back design. The Gas Gun'sTM barrel stays stationary when the gun cycles, allowing much tighter tolerances, which results in a more accurate firearm.  Kart barrels are used exclusively in the Ultimate and the Super Gas.  The 32SW uses a proprietary barrel.  The Super Gas Bull barrel is constructed from Douglas Air gauge as of March 2004


Reduced Recoil
Due to the Gas Gun'sTM system, recoil is dramatically reduced allowing the shooter to acquire expedient target recovery.

Improved Cycle Time
The Gas GunTM ejects and reloads faster than any 1911 on the market today.


8:00AM to  5:00PM (Eastern) Monday - Friday 
        8:00AM to 12:00PM (Eastern) Saturday

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215 Basin St. NW
Navarre, OH 44662
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